When we read about any industry's future state and how your organization fits the mold, the thought can appear daunting and nuanced. How fast will these changes happen? Where will we even begin to keep up? It can often feel like there are no resources or guides beyond the headlines and big claims.

That is why we created our annual After School Report. We have spent the past few months surveying, analyzing, and mapping out all the ways that the after school industry is growing and evolving. We found that “the future of the after school industry” is boiled down into a few critical segments.

In Eleyo’s annual After School Report, we break these segments down and map out how to apply them to your daily work. This report aims to provide structure and innovation and help you reach your goals in the coming year. It provides a framework to align your growth goals and sparks imagination to take the first steps.

So, let's get started! Access your 2022 After School Report Below: