Introduction: Grand Prairie ISD and Eleyo

A growing community demands a scalable technology.

Grand Prairie ISD (GPISD) has experienced significant growth to its after school and employee child care programs in recent years. To help support this growth and community connection, GPISD began using Eleyo to manage 22 programs across 20 district sites

After a successful Eleyo training and implementation, GPISD quickly leveraged Eleyo’s online accessibility to maintain a highly positive parent experience and broaden access to programs. Eleyo currently handles online registration, account management, integrated payment processing and various types of reporting for GPISD. The reporting capabilities allow easy, quick access to various attendance, registration and financial information for the district.

In this case study, we examine the positive impact that Eleyo has had on GPISD by focusing on the areas of of easy implementation and team-friendly technology, increased program accessibility and ongoing support and collaboration.

Grand Prairie ISD At-A-Glance
  • Located near Dallas, Texas
  • 1,300 children in the after school program
  • 150 children in the employee child care program

Easy implementation and friendly tech

Experienced providers + internal champions help create a seamless implementation.

When GPISD began the search for a new software program, Laurie Burks, Coordinator of Youth Programs, empowered her team. On the hunt for a new solution, the GPISD team was introduced to Eleyo at a trade show. The team quickly became excited about the software’s capabilities and began forming a case to Burks

Throughout the discovery process, every time I had a question for my team, Eleyo had an answer for us, and it was a good answer.

GPISD’s initial implementation call was held on Jan. 28, 2019 and by March 18 of that same year, the district was ready to go live. They began approving and confirming students for their summer program a few weeks later, and on April 8, GPISD opened their school-year registration.

I give credit to my team. They really dug in to understand the product inside and out. The whole process was seamless, which was crucial in the beginning as we learned and adapted.

Increased program accessibility and family experience

A technology for the 24/7 parent.

With all things child care, it starts with families. Parents today are increasingly on-the-go, using mobile to help with much of their day-to-day, including various online transactions and registering for services. As GPISD saw its programs and number of families increase, so did the demand for continued flexible access to registration. With accessible online registration and a variety of payment options, Eleyo has helped GPISD maintain high levels of parent satisfaction while continually meeting the needs of the community.

The flexibility for families in GPISD to register for programs via their phone or tablet has proven huge for the district. They might be constantly in motion, but GPISD’s registration, and schedule changes, can be there to meet them anytime, anywhere.

Along with registration and payments, GPISD is able to offer families increased account management flexibility and access through split-family payment options, tax statements broken down by individual payer and more. Since programs have been running, all of these features are a hit, creating a positive experience for the community.

Support and partnership

Trust, collaboration and innovation create a strong foundation long after implementation.

A year removed from implementation, Burks and her team have experienced nothing but success with the software. And, with one cohesive training and support team as a point of contact for them, solutions are quickly found when questions arise. GPISD is aided by Eleyo’s live support and industry leading same-day ticket response times.

Value beyond technology

In addition to support, Eleyo and GPISD have formed a partnership helping optimize, problem-solve and learn. The result is a service and value that’s impact goes beyond technology. Through Eleyo, GPISD is able to share resources and collaborate and brainstorm with Eleyo, in addition to other leading districts nationwide, to help move their program forward for the community.

This has been a really positive experience for us. This is truly a great product that meets the needs of our community with a balance of function and ease.

Conclusion: Looking forward to a future of innovation

Building upon the Eleyo platform and relationship.

GPISD is continuing to optimize its child care programs after surpassing its initial year with Eleyo. As parent satisfaction with the registration process and account management experience remains high, the district plans to continue leveraging Eleyo to help support, grow and innovate their child care programs to maintain its position as a leading district in the Dallas area.