Frontline child care staff of Eleyo school districts now have a new tool to provide safe and secure sign-in and sign-out and mobile access to child information. Eleyo’s new Child Care Attendance app is now available in the App Store.

With full integration with the Eleyo Child Care module, the Child Care Attendance app empowers child care teams with information that is easy to access, sort and reference in real time.

What this means for child care leaders, staff and parents

Full visibility for child care teams

The Child Care Attendance app provides enhanced filtering, dynamic displays of important child information and calendar views.

Real-time student and program data

The Child Care Attendance app enables your teams to create tags that allow you to keep track of all of your students in real-time and plan their daily activities. Additionally, it allows you to add health notes or temperature checks.

Safe, streamlined sign-in and sign-out for your parents

The streamlined child sign-in and sign-out is intuitive, leading to a great parent experience.

Manage your child care programs from your iPhone or iPad… even offline

The Eleyo Child Care Attendance app is compatible with iPhone, providing child care teams with more options to manage your programs. It also collects data while offline, making it reliable regardless of where you are in your buildings.

Automated manual staff processes

The Eleyo Child Care Attendance gives site staff the ability to easily mass sign-in or sign-out students, saving a ton of time and effort.


Why build a new app? Two-fold.

Sustainable improvement. It’s a driving force around how Eleyo measures and looks to update our platform to match the after school industry’s needs. As such, we saw a clear opportunity to build an app that could perform at an even higher level.

By building on already high performance and data-synching capabilities, child care programs now have a more powerful tool to help drive program growth. — Steve Novotny, Co-Founder & CEO

A new platform for the future. Embarking on a new app build allowed us to start fresh with updated architecture. With a new architecture, we can add new features, build on the app, and respond to new requests from after school programs.

The new app is designed and developed to be a more scalable technology platform. This architecture will allow us to make updates in a more agile manner moving forward and ultimately help us respond even quicker to feature requests from child care programs. — Steve Novotny, Co-Founder & CEO

The new Child Care Attendance app is the latest step in Eleyo’s mission to be recognized as a software leader and as an established resource for child care and enrichment programs across the country. As we grow, so do our solutions, and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

Eleyo’s Child Care Attendance app is now available to Eleyo districts on the App Store. The Child Care Attendance app is compatible with iPhone and iPad devices running iOS 13 and later.

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