Rochester provides easy online access to their programs for every member of their community

The challenge: cumbersome catalog creation

Rochester Community Education offers 11 general program types offering hundreds of different courses throughout the year. Over 45,000 community members will attend a course, and their ages range from 0 to 100! With the community so reliant on their programs, it puts pressure on the community education department to make courses easily accessible. With hundreds of courses and a large community-base, this has historically been a difficult task. Each season, Rochester prints four different catalogs to market their courses. Before having a course management software, getting program information into catalog format was an extremely time consuming process, because of limited access to reports, course details, and manual scheduling.

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Rochester Community Education

The solution: easy online availability for the entire community

As Rochester's own community continued to grow, so did their need for a more efficient way to market their programs. In 2013, Rochester switched to Eleyo for Child Care, Preschool, Facilities, and Enrichment management.

In the past six years, Eleyo has enabled Rochester to keep pace with their growth by making it easier to create, manage, and market all of their community education courses. In particular, Eleyo has driven growth for Rochester’s programs by streamlining their catalog creation process.

Successfully creating as many programs as Rochester does, requires instant access to information for their community education staff members. Eleyo allows Rochester to optimize how their data is both collected and displayed, making catalog design a breeze. Using Eleyo to store information for every one of their programs in the cloud enables Rochester to focus on creating programs to keep up with the rapid development of their community.

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When excellent educators have easy access to the information they need, amazing things are possible. We can’t wait to share more stories like Rochester’s as we gear up for another fantastic school year!

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