Child care and enrichment are dynamic industries. In recent years, creativity and technology have driven industry growth and strengthened community relationships. We’ve long said the after school industry is resilient and resourceful. And this was all before our world changed in 2020.

Although we admire your resilience, we understand that staying at the cutting edge of a dynamic industry is difficult to do by yourself. The good news? You don’t have to. That is why we embarked on the task of updating/improving/reinventing how we deliver resources to you through the new, and certainly improved, Illuminate.

What is Illuminate? It’s a single, cohesive place where you can access all of the information and resources you need to help inspire and drive growth in your programs. Gone are the days of scouring the web for information to help you run your programs.

What is new?

We’re still striving to deliver the latest information and tools to assist you in any way we know how. We simply wanted to put everything in one, easy-to-access location. Whether it’s industry insights, information about Eleyo’s program management software, webinars, COVID-19 resources or other great content, we’re producing it as part of Illuminate.

The new Illuminate is broken down into five main categories. Here’s what they mean:

COVID-19 Resources—Resources to help you navigate COVID-19, including best practices for communication, team management and community engagement.

Industry Insights—Articles, data and perspectives from industry and technology leaders nationwide that keep you in the know on trending child care and enrichment topics.

Want to contribute to Industry Insights? We’re all for it. Just let us know!

Explore Eleyo—The latest updates on our industry leading program management technology and stories about how 160+ programs are using Eleyo to boost enrollments, engage families and streamline payments.

Tools—Reports and workbooks built from industry insights to help you run more productive before and after school teams and enhance your operations.

Webinars—Past and future discussions with industry leaders and technology experts on innovation, made available to you whenever is convenient.

What should I expect next?

Industry spotlights, upcoming webinars, annual reports, guest posts and much, much more. Our minds are constantly on the industry, so we have a lot to say. Check back frequently and stay in the know.

To participate, the power is in the subscription. Already an Illuminate subscriber? You’re good! If not, subscribe to Illuminate below to take part in the conversation.

And, if you’d like to get involved further, we would love to hear from you. Are you not seeing something covered? Would you like to lend your voice to Illuminate? Let us know here.

Now, go explore the new Illuminate. You earned it!

Happy reading,

The Eleyo Team