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Another holiday season means the wrap of another successful year of Illuminate. 2022 brought an increased desire for accelerated, strategic growth for the after school industry. Throughout the year, our goal was to uncover how after school leaders thought about and wanted to achieve this growth.

So ... we spent the year connecting with and listening to those in the industry. We hosted an industry summit, panel discussions, and many one-on-one conversations with leaders across the country. We learned a lot and made many valuable connections throughout the year.

So what did we do with all this information? It’s all packaged below! In this year’s Year in Review, you can uncover the results of everything brainstormed, discussed, and researched.

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New Year, New Initiatives

Jan. - March

We traditionally turn to every new year with optimism. 2022 was slightly different, however, as this optimism seemed to come with more juice than in years past. We released our annual After School Report to help provide after school leaders with a framework aligning growth goals and imagination.

Key Content

After School Report
A qualitative and quantitative analysis collection to package what is top-of-mind for after school leaders and teams each year. This report aims to provide structure and innovation and help you reach your goals in the coming year.


New Realities in After School Hiring and Staffing
To guide a deeper dive into hiring and staffing, we tapped the mind of Derek Buschow, VP of Growth & Strategy at Eleyo. Charged with building teams and growing organizations for 12 years, Derek holds experience in recruiting and hiring across various disciplines.

Expanding the Digital Experience for After School Programs
Communities are becoming more tech-savvy, creating high expectations for online experiences. We dove into some digital habits of after school consumers and how your program can excel online.

Marketing: Awareness Metrics & Best Practices for After School Programs
With great insight from Eleyo's annual After School Report and thoughts from our marketing team, we dove into best practices for marketing after school programs.

Leveraging Data to Make Impactful Program Decisions
When conducting research for Eleyo's After School Report, we surveyed more than 100 districts around the country on many different aspects of their programs, including how leaders leveraged data to make critical decisions.

Event Season and Eleyo's Book of Reports

April - Aug.

This spring and summer, we were fortunate to use our platform to connect in-person and virtually with dynamic leaders in the after school industry. These connections resulted in many insights regarding program accessibility, the power of human support, and how programs can generate applicants and make hires.

Key Content

3 Books to Empower After School Leaders this Summer
We spoke with leaders in the after school space to build a list of book recommendations this summer. These hand-picked options will help you think boldly and strategically any time of year.

4 Focus Areas for After School Marketers
After connecting with marketers of after school programs, we identified four key areas that they’re spending time and energy on this year.

3 Ways Child Care Leaders Can Support Their Teams
Supporting child care staff can come in many different forms. We examined specific initiatives child care leaders can take to make a positive impact.

⭐️ Eleyo's Book of Reports ⭐️
After school programs around the country leverage Eleyo to help power their data-driven decision-making. The Book of Reports shows them how. This is a true shining star of what we produce!


How Enrichment Leaders Can Increase Program Accessibility
Improving the accessibility and reach of your enrichment program directly translates to community building. We compiled four ways enrichment leaders can boost program accessibility.

Connecting with Programs In-Person, and It's High Time for High Hopes

Sep. - Dec.

We were back in-person this fall with a series of broader industry events and dynamic Eleyo User Groups. From these events stemmed a large retrospective, with help from community education leaders, about how and why the industry is moving forward at full speed.

Key Content

Eleyo In-Person: Fall Events Recap
From the Southwest to the Midwest, we had a blast connecting with many after school programs this fall. Learn more about our conversations and what we learned below, and find out what's next.

High Time for High Hopes in Community Education
The after school industry is finally beginning to emerge out of survival mode and into strategic planning for their teams and programs. As we head into the new year, we spoke with four cutting-edge community education leaders across the nation to discover how and why they're moving forward now.

We Cannot Wait to See What You Do Next

Thank you for letting us follow along your journeys this year. We learned invaluable information, made lasting connections, and had an absolute blast doing it all. It was evident at the beginning of this year that this industry was moving forward with nothing to slow it down.

You inspire us. Here's to making 2023 the most innovative year yet. Stay tuned to where the industry goes and how we follow along by subscribing to Illuminate below. 🚀